How We Successfully Incorporate RPA Solution

Re-engineer your business processes and operations to drive efficiencies through RPA bots. We've a proven record of providing an ROI on the automation-driven processes.

Drish's team of business analsyts assess & analyze your business processes to establish feasibility of an RPA solution at your organization.

Our PoC model helps you to run smaller processes before investing organization wide.

Implement RPA solutions with the right software tools for an exceptional ROI

Establish a strong foundation by making RPA as a core service and utilize our Center of Excellence (CoE)as an add on to your businesses.

We manage the end to end deployment of RPA bots to multiple end points within your organization. We ensure that symphony of bots is well orchestrated and you get the one thing that matters - RESULTS!

When Drish helps you design RPA solutions, you spend less time on the mundane task, and more time to innovate & add value in your organization.

Get round the clock support with customized notification systems built atop Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Benefits of RPA


Robots cost much less than the equivalent FTE costs. On a task-by-task basis, RPA tool saves a business significantly. Automation projects run 6 to 12 months with a return of investment below a year.

Robots are faster, more reliable, and they can work round the clock 365 days. RPA reduces the risk of unauthorized access and will ensure that client’s apps are not modified.

Robots can help to automate processes across platforms and connect disjoint systems. Robots can be instantly scaled up and down to match demand peaks and troughs.

A human worker takes a lot of time in calculating data and responding. Since robots are quicker in gathering, analyzing, and calculating data.

Robots consistently operate at 100% accuracy levels, ensuring compliance and eliminates human error. Also, identify & eliminates your performance bottlenecks.

Given the power that RPA offers, any business that deploys it will have a sizeable performance advantage over competitors that lack such a system.

The Drish advantage!

RPA when mixed with other technologies can be a potent mix for really optimizing the processes at your organization. Here's what Drish offers additionally over and above RPA which gives you a strong advantage.

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IT/ Devops
  • Our IT/DevOps team is adept at managing infrastructure & applications at scale and managing tight SLAs across the globe. They have expertize on multiple cloud platforms as well as on premise setups.
python logo
  • Our expertize in Python allows us to extend our RPA solutions with the latest in AI/ML and automation that is available with Python skillset. This allows you take advantage of Drish team to be able to do more complex automation tasks.
selenium logo
  • Selenium although popularly is utilized for QA processes, but our team of QA developers in conjunction with the RPA team has been able to leverage Selenium to work well with RPA bots, allowing you to automate even more processes.
ETL picture
  • ETL or Extract Transform Load tools are industry standard for integrating and processing data from multiple sources. Leverage Drish's expertize to really take the ETL processes and automation bots to the next level.

Our Services

RPA offers a number of services to lessen the human burden such as avoiding repetitive tasks and transforming the business process framework.

Our professional RPA developers review your enterprise in-depth and recommend the best strategy. We will identify tools for the process, prepare the documents and create a roadmap that sets out how robotic process automation will help your business.

We can help you configure the RPA center of excellence (CoE) with full support in robot evaluation, PoC, design, development, and deployment. Our Robotic Process Automation team can run the RPA pilot and build a governance model with excellence.

Our RPA developers design and develop smart applications using AutomationAnywhere, UIPath, BluePrism, and other automation tools for robotic process automation.

RPA provides web extraction services that enable the company to access accurate, relevant, structured, and legitimate data according to the preferences. It helps in providing several benefits such as sentiment analysis, price comparison, and market research.

We have a decade of experience in developing bots for various business processes and IT, including human resources, finance, data manipulation, and generation. With our support services, customers can track SLAs and resolve problems quickly.

Our automation analysts identify the intervention models and help you out with manual process mapping that requires automation. After designing the robotic process automation architecture, we will send you the automated model design for feedback.



Potential to boost productivity and cut costs, it's not surprising that RPA software are being adapted by various Industries, Enterprises, Star-ups and Consultants.


Gain RPA’s Competitive Advantages Across Industries

RPA consulting services facilitates a streamlined business solution with significant benefits across industries

  • Precise Auditing
  • Negligible BOM errors
  • Quick Data Migration Process
  • Web Integrated RPA
  • Quick Order Processing
  • Automation in Logistics Data

  • RPA helps in making appointment bookings and cancelation easier
  • It enables patient data management
  • It enables third-party management
  • It helps in claims processing and management
  • It enables account settlement

  • It helps in procurement and inventory management
  • RPA helps in material/equipment management
  • It enables vendor management
  • It improvises security management
  • It helps to enhance document management

  • Capitalize investment in new uses cases
  • Reduce compliance backlogs
  • Reduce manual errors near zero
  • Take complete control of the bank’s operations
  • Streamline core banking process & multiply efficiency

Banking & Finance
  • It enables finance and accounting
  • IT makes account payment and receiving easier
  • RPA improvises sales operations
  • It helps in increasing human resources and payroll
  • Enhanced customer service

A Little More About Us

Frequently Asked Questions
About RPA

RPA refers to the application of specialized computer programs to automate mundane and repetitive business processes. Today, businesses are increasingly turning to RPA to eliminate tedious tasks, freeing the key resources to focus on higher-value work.

RPA Tools or Vendors are the software through which you can configure tasks to get automated. Some of the leading RPA tools available currently in the market include Blue Prism, UiPath, Kofax Kapow, Automation Anywhere, WorkFusion, and Pega Systems.

A bot is a software application that runs automated tasks (scripts) over the Internet. A software bot is designed to automate tasks that are simple, repetitive, and routine. Bots are configurable software set up to perform the tasks you assign and control. RPA bots can learn, work, adjust, and scale as you see fit. They are code-free and non-disruptive.

In Artificial Intelligence, a machine tries to mimic and apply human thinking into a workflow, whereas, RPA is a rule-based software that has no intelligence and only automates repetitive tasks based on the set conditions. You can infuse RPA with AI.


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